FAQs - VR tests with Oculus Headsets

How do I log into the VR experience?

Login to your Oculus account. Turn on your headset and select Apps - scroll down to the 'Oddly Satisfying' app, which we have previously added to the account you gave us the email for. Double click the app to start it. You will start in the lobby.

How do I enter a world from the lobby?

After listening to the explanation, point your controller at the pic of the world you want to enter until the bar has filled up to the right.

How do I use the available actions in the worlds?

    • Point at the cake with your controller to ice it
    • Point at your selection with your controller to select a flavour
    • To pull the lever move your controller to the handle and make a downward motion with your controller
    • To hit the drums make drumming motions with your controllers

How do I get help during the experience if I need it?

Outside of your headset, click this link to our zoom support room: 

How do I leave a world?

Look down at the ‘back to lobby’ field on the floor of the world, to go back to the lobby, where you can select the other world.

How do I leave the VR experience?

Click the Oculus (home) button on your right controller and select Quit to leave the app.

Why do you ask for my email address in the VR experience?

We collect different types of data, including a questionnaire and/or interview data and headset data. As part of all of these we collect your email address, which we use to recognise your data from the different data sources. For example, we ask your email address in the VR experience so it can be added to your headset data. The headset data we receive includes only data from the Oddly Satisfying world you just enjoyed and your email address, no other data (for example no data about other games you have played) is collected.\

How do I send the headset data?

When you’ve finished the experience, go back to the lobby - there’s a request to send your headset data - click SEND. We would greatly appreciate it if you could send us your headset data as it helps us understand your actions, for example how many drums you hit in jelly beats. 

What if I don’t want to send my VR headset data?

You can simply not send your headset data by clicking the ‘DO NOT SEND’ button when asked to send it in the VR experience. As mentioned earlier, the headset data includes only data from what you did in the Oddly Satisfying VR experience and your email address.

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