Amazon Vouchers

We know your time is precious so we compensate for that where we can with Amazon gift vouchers. 

How much can I expect?

These vary depending on the Project:

  • For taking part in a Project that takes up to half an hour to test, usually a £5 voucher is offered, with £10 or £15 ones for longer experiences.
  • For taking part in a Focus Group or 1:1 interview £10 or £15 vouchers are common - again these vary depending on the test.
  • For taking part in a Longitudinal Study (a series of tests over a longer period of time) the Researcher will let you know the voucher amount before you sign up.

How do I qualify for a Voucher?

In order to qualify for a Voucher, you must complete all stages of the Project, which normally include testing an experience and then, most importantly, giving us your feedback about it via one or more of these methods:

  • Completing a Survey (an online questionnaire)
  • Taking part in a Focus Group (online via Zoom)
  • Attending a 1:1 interview with a Researcher (online via Zoom)

How do you validate completed Projects?

We trust people will do the tests in the manner we ask them to in full, taking their time, and giving us their genuine feedback. 

The whole purpose of this platform is to facilitate you giving feedback for our Researchers and our Clients, so that they can improve their VR and AR creations before they go out to real audiences. The more useful this is, the more sustainable it is, so if you'd like it to continue, and be able to keep joining in with tests and earning vouchers, please respect the platform and only submit genuine tests.

We use data collected during testing to check that the tests have been completed in full and that the feedback has been given before validating each submission. 

Where can I find my Amazon Voucher codes?

To get your voucher code, login at go to 'Participate' then click the blue 'Vouchers' button at the bottom of the list. 


This is where you'll find your list of Completed Projects and unique voucher codes.

How do I spend my Amazon Vouchers?

To redeem your voucher, simply visit this page and enter your voucher code:

What if I disagree with an 'Invalid' test result?

In your list of Vouchers or Completed Projects, click the email icon link to send a message to the Researcher running the Project to let them know about your experience doing the testing.

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